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Minggu, 20 Januari 2013

Apple iPhone Is Very Nice, But Samsung Is Very Good On Selling

You must already know products booming smartphone today is the Apple iPhone and Samsung, two competing smartphone brand in the market grab. Although there are many brands of  smartphone compete in the market such as Blecberry, Nokia, Sony and others, but only Apple and Samsung, which runs half of the Smartphone and Tablet market in the World.

                                               Apple iPhone

                                                         Samsung Galaxy
The many brands of  smartphone in the world, only Apple and Samsung are at odds with each other in a fight over patent rights. Because Apple sued Samsung to court with allegations that samsung crushing using patents owned by Apple, Samsung accused of copying the design and feature Features of Apple.

Apple finally managed to win the lawsuit and Samsung have to pay 1 trilion USD to Apple. And the court ruled that Samsung Stopping the sale of 10 products, Including Mobile Galaxy S II. Apple is also prohibited to sell four different products, Including iPhone 4.

But in terms of sales of smartphones and tabulets in the world, Samsung achieved the largest sales in the world's No. 1 smartphone from all the competing brands, from the first order in the occupied Samsung, Nokia and the second is that all three are Apple and others.

Samsung's success in selling its products, is separated from the wide range of variants smartphone and tabulet produced by Samsung to Affordable From the top to the middle to the bottom. This makes the Samsung can sell its products to the highest of Smartphoe Other brands.

If the terms of Apple products released, we can certainly conclude that Apple products are issued only to the Top Only, because the price is expensive and difficult to reach by the middle to lower community.

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