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Senin, 14 Januari 2013

How To Avoid Forgetting

What about  understanding forgot it?
Before we discuss further about the "Forgetting" we discuss definitions. Forgotten is the omissions that have a particular plan or at a specific time. Forget having the condition and situation is different, because they each person has different plans and different desires.

For example is as follows:
a. Forget that are objects.

Forget carrying books, pens, bags and other equipment that is often dugunakan by humans.
b. Forget that nature desires.

like some forgotten at a lunch with friends, forget buying goods on the market now, and just remembered when at home.
Forget! is a trivial problem but it will feel annoying if we did, as something that should be there, ready, carried or on time, to fall apart due to forgotten.
For we need to anticipate in order to avoid the problem of "forgetting" and include:
1. Always prepare equipment to be used before the activity.
Of course everyone has a different activity durations. For children sekoalh prepare school equipment, for the purposes of preparing the people working on the job, and others are customized by each profession.
2. Schedule of events will be held
Scheduling event for people who are busy just.
3. If you have an appointment with someone at a certain time, you should tell the person to remind, either by phone or sms.
4. Do not delay the work, if it can be done now why later. This behavior often makes people forget.

This information can I say, may be useful and Thank you.

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