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Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

How To Reduce The Alcohol Addiction

In the human body there Detoktifikasi process, ie the process of eliminating toxins in the body. If you are an alcoholic, would interfere with the course Detoktifisi and will be bad for your health.

For that we need to reduce the craving for alcohol that Detoktifikasi process went well and does not interfere with our health, and we can perform the following steps:

1. Avoid visiting the nightclubs.

 Stopped to visit of nightclubs, to avoid alcoholic beverages.

2. White Water Drinking more.
To expedite the process of removing toxins toxins and residual alcohol in the body, needs to increase drinking water 2-3 liters / day.

3. Sports.
Sports is one of the most powerful ways of prevention of the disease. Because as humans, we are required to always be active. Exercise increases circulation, immune system and increase energy levels. You can follow aerobic exercise, mountain biking, jogging, or even dancing.

4. Consumption of vegetables and fruit trees.
Carrots are very good for your immune system and help the Detokfikasi. Combine carrot juice, apples and cranberries are able to purify the toxin toxins in the body.

5. Consumption of herbs and supplements.
Some types of plants and herbs or supplements that contain vitamin B can help reduce the physical and psychological tensions that arise during the process of detoxification of alcohol. Consult your doctor or consultant herbal supplements what is suited to the conditions of each individual.

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