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Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Cause Of Sexual Addiction

Biologically speaking a person's desire for sex is determined by the libido. Libido is desire or lust sexual of a person, which is determined by the performance of the hormones in our bodies. If performance of hormone to  increases, the libido  will be increase, and vice versa if the performance of hormone decreases, libido also will be decreases.

Biologically, The people  experience sexual addiction  is the effect from performance of hormone sexual is excessive, that increases libido and difficult to control.

Sexsual addiction can also be caused by the nature and behavior disorders, and include:
1. Release Tension / Impingement
 Someone who works with risk, with high levels of stress often wreak emotional and sexual pressures at work.
2. Obsessed with all things related to sex.
People tend to fantasize having sex, if he sees a beautiful woman and sexy. People tend to like to look at porn.
3. Mental Disorders.
This person is likely to feel the greatest, especially in relation sexsual.

Sexsual addiction can be reduced and even be cured if the patient has a desire to heal. Patients should consult their doctor and want to do the therapy recommended by your doctor.

That's all I can say, I hope useful and Thank You.

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