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Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Know The Bali Island

Bali is a very beatiful island, Bali is part of Indonesia. Bali Island has many tourist destinations, Ranging from Nature, Art, Culture and cuisine. Besides, The Balinese are very friendly in welcoming gueasts, Both local tourists or fereign tourists.

Bali has many natural tourist destination, and a favorite destination of foreign tourists is the beach, because they can be  Sunbathe and water sports. Such as jet sky, Parasailing, Fly first, banana boot and the most popular is surfing.

Beaches on the island of Bali is very beautiful, and very famous Kuta beach. Kuta is not the only beach is the best. Still there are other beaches that offer great beauty, such as:
1. Nusa Dua.
Nusa Dua are exsklusif region, has a very beautiful beach views, Equipped with 5 star hotels, water sports and Sunbathe. But you have to book hotel far away the day before a holiday here.
2. Benoa.
Benoa is an area of ​​beautiful beaches, white sand. Equipped with 3 and 4 star hotels, water sports, the Sun. And do not forget to book the hotel far in advance before you come here '
3. Seminyak.
Seminyak is also a beautiful beach area, near the beach of Kuta. If you visit Bali do not miss this one.

In addition to natural attractions Bali also has cultural tourism, cultural tourism is said because this place is the switch, be a place of ceremonies, such as: Tanah Lot, Sangeh (monkey forest).

Because of the beautiful nature and friendly people in Bali, do not be surprised if the Bali made ​​"Heaven tourism World" so if you have the time and opportunity for a vacation, island of bali can you make reference, for your family  purposes.

That's all I can say, I hope useful and Thank You.

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