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Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

Restrict The Use of Credit Cards, That Billing not Expand

Credit Card payment is a tool that is easy and practical. Due to the Credit Card we can buy things without having to spend personal funds. But we get a loan directly from the Bank issuing the Credit Card. 
But we are obliged to pay the bills each month. The bill will be sent to your home address, and in the collection letter stated maturity date, and if it will be late in paying fines.

Credit Cars are practical and comfortable, But the use of credit cards that are not controlled. It could be a boomerang for you. Because your bill is greater than your income Every month.
So you have to limit the use of credit cards by way of the following:

1. Limit your shopping value by a certain amount on each credit card.
It aims to provide maximum limit on each credit card, which is tailored to your income each month. So the use of credit cards can be controlled with certain limits.

2. Limit the number of credit card ownership.
Credit card ownership not too much, just 3 to 4 credit cards from different banks publishers. So that use can be Controlled.

3. Get used to paying with cash money.
Payment by cash will directly reduce the use of Credit Cards, and can calculate your expenses. It can be used as a comparison between income and expenditure.

4. When Apply Credir Card, Choose Credit Card has many promos or Cash Back program. By choosing a credit card that has many promo program, Can reduce the amount of your bill.


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