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Minggu, 10 Februari 2013

Extreme Weather

Frequent extreme weather in some countries, the parts of the World. That just happened recently, Was a great flood that drowned, nearly 80 percent of the city Jakarta! The capital city of Indonesia. The rain was so heavy and lasted a long time, Make Flooded Jakarta.

Impacts and losses caused by flooding is extraordinary, ranging from Dead's , infrastructure damaged, the harm done to society due to the house and its contents were damaged in the flood lunge. In addition there is germs diseases spread by water flow.

According to scientists Extreme weather caused by global warming. Global warming is increasing the average temperature of Atmosphere, Oceans, and the breadth of the earth. Global warming is the effect of exhaust gases, which is issued by the motor, factory, greenhouse effect, and others.

Extreme weather does not only happen in Indonesia alone, in some European countries such as Britain, are also extreme weather occurs, the extreme winter conditions, so that the local government urged residents not to leave the house, if there is no important purpose. But at that moment, Other parts of the world, in the area of ​​australia, sydnay precisely in very hot weather.

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