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Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

Benefit Of Warming Up Body Before Sports

We arbitrarily know, that basketball is a sport that relies on the movement of the feet and hands. So before we play this sport or any other sport, we need to warm up.

Why we Need to do warm up before exercise? such as Basketball, Football, and others.

Because warming up have benefit, Such as:
1. Avoid injury to joints.
Basketball and Football is a sport that involves the movement of muscles, joints and bones in a large enough intensity. By warming up before exercise, blood rich in nutrients and oxygen flow to the muscles that are ready to be driven faster and harder.
2. Stretch muscles.
Stretching should avoid muscle injuries, while we encourage the movement of the body with a quick run, then stop quickly, automatically working hard muscles and joints. This often leads to muscle injury.
3. For your body ready for playing Basketball or Football and other sports.

Impact, and Effect Not Doing Warming Before Sports!!!

Without warming up enough before the dominant sports activity the muscles, joints and bones can lead to injury to muscle and joint injuries. Of course, the injury would be very disturbing activity and may be so painful that need further medical care. Injuries can be shaped muscle sprains, whiplash, sprains, muscle cramps, muscle pain, and so on.

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